Memorial Bench Program

Policy on Memorial Benches
Approved by the Board of Trustees on December 11, 2012

Georgetown Inlay Memorial Bench

  • 4 foot bench with two engraved boards
  • 100% recycled plastic boards
  • Graceful contoured style
  • Black cast aluminum bench ends
  • Cedar boards will never splinter
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 50 years!
  • Engraved letters with black glossy inlay
  • 2 inch high lettering engraved in Times New Roman
  • 22 characters maximum per board including spaces.
The West Greenwich Land Trust (WGLT) welcomes gifts in memory of a friend or loved one. Memorial gifts are a tangible way to honor a loved one or commemorate a personal or family milestone. WGLT offers the unique opportunity to memorialize a special relationship with a particular conservation property. The WGLT is committed to conserving beautiful places and our priority is to maintain the "spirit of the place" and, where possible, we will try to accommodate these wishes. The following guidelines for acceptance of memorial benches are intended to serve the needs of the donor and the mission of the WGLT.

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  1. The WGLT will respond to the initial request from a donor.
  2. The WGLT communicates location options and type of bench to the donor.
  3. The WGLT reviews Memorial Gift proposal from donor, including; location, color and text of the bench.
  4. The WGLT reviews language for bench with suggested changes as needed.
  5. If the Board raises no objections, the Board notifies the donor to finalize the gift. The WGLT Treasurer is notified at the next scheduled meeting.
  6. The WGLT will work with donor to obtain the Memorial gift. Treasurer will notify Board of acceptance so the bench can be ordered.
  7. WGLT will notify the donor when the bench is received. Some donors may wish to help in the installation process. Regardless, all donors will be notified when the installation is complete.


  1. Bench Placement. Consideration will be given to the following factors in determining bench placement:
    1. Aesthetic attributes
    2. Wildlife observation attributes
    3. Avoidance of sensitive ecological resources; bench placement should not negatively impact habitat
    4. Density of benches at a particular reservation
  2. Bench Type.
    1. Georgetown Inlay Memorial Bench
      4 feet with two boards engraved.
      • Engraved letters with a glossy inlay
      • 100% recycled plastic boards
      • Black cast aluminum bench ends
      • 2" high lettering engraved in Times New Roman
      • 22 characters maximum per board including spaces
      • Guaranteed against breakage for 50 years
      • Choice of board/text colors
  3. Term.
    1. The bench will be removed when it becomes too unsafe to sit on or if it is vandalized in a manner that makes it visually unacceptable.
    2. WGLT does not guarantee against the effects of weather, vandalism, or theft.
    3. Upon replacement, the original donor will be notified and given the opportunity to purchase another bench, at cost, within the year following replacement notification. If declined, the location will be made available to other donors.
  4. Accessories.
    1. No accessory items will be allowed, such as plastic flowers, painted rocks, or other adornments.
    2. No planting will be allowed, such as flowers, bushes, trees, etc.
    3. No modifications or additions to the bench will be allowed.

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